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🛒🥑【超市優惠 Catalogue】今個星期買咩好? (May 18-24) - Coles & Woolies篇

又到每星期小編買餸推介嘅時候啦😎仲苦惱緊應該食咩,又唔知乜嘢先最值得買? 小編幫緊你幫緊你!想知今個星期嘅超市Catalogue 優惠有啲咩?📢🍎🍋🍒🥑🍞🥩🥗就快啲碌落去下面睇下啦👇👇! 小編pick嘅產品全部都會用藍色框圈住,方面大家查閱✔️!



Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro 46 Pack or 0% 48 Pack (半價) NOW: AU$20

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner 250mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 4.5

Dynamo Professional Laundry Liquid 900mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 6.5

Morning Fresh 2-in-1 Dish & Hand 500mL (半價) NOW: AU$3.45

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 400mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.5

Fluffy Fabric Softener 900mL-1 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 4

Dettol Multipurpose Disinfectant Wipes 120 Pack (半價) NOW: AU$ 5.5

White King Bleach Toilet Gel 700mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.8


Smith's Crinkle Cut Potato Chips or Double Crunch 150g-170g or Poppables 90g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.87

Nestlé Block Chocolate 118g-200g (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.5

Twinings Tea Bags 80 Pack-100 Pack (半價) NOW: AU$ 6.25

The Natural Cracker Co. Crispy Crackers 160g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.75

Red Rock Deli Gourmet Crackers 130g (半價) NOW: AU$ 2

Thins Potato Chips or Veggie Snaps 120g-175g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.87

Grain Waves 170g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.87

Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Yoghurt 150g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.15

Tamar Valley Creamery Yoghurt 170g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.1

Cadbury Tub 1.2 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 5

Cadbury Multipacks 300mL-360mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 4.5



Australian Green Kiwifruit NOW: AU$4.9/kg

Australian Avocados Pk 5 NOW: AU$6/pk

Australian Navel Oranges 3 kg Pack NOW: AU$5.5/pk

Australian Brown Onions 1 kg Pack, Australian Washed White Baby Potatoes 1 kg Pack, Australian Broccolini, or Australian Garlic Pk 3 NOW: Any 2 for AU$4


Arnott’s Shapes or Mini Bites 140-190g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.75

Doritos Corn Chips 150-170g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.87

Coca-Cola Soft Drink Varieties 1.25 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.7

Mr Chen’s Yum Cha 200g-300g – From the Freezer – Excludes Gluten Free Prawn Hargow (半價) NOW: AU$ 3.75

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Sponge Scourer Pk 3 (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.35

Dettol Healthy Clean Multi Purpose Trigger Spray 750ml (半價) NOW: AU$ 3

Dettol Antibacterial Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes Pk 120 (半價) NOW: AU$ 5.5

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 900ml (半價) NOW: AU$ 4.5

Bref Power Active or Deluxe Pk 2 (半價) NOW: AU$ 5

Biozet Attack Plus Laundry Liquid 2 Litre or Powder 2 kg (半價) NOW: AU$ 12

Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwashing Tablets Pk 32 or 0% Pk 34 (半價) NOW: AU$ 18


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