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【MEL Only】Kongaroo Food X Days with Choux Giveaway!

“Days with Choux” has been making Melbournians’ lives more flavourful with its speciality mouth-watering and aesthetic Choux au craquelin for more than 100 days. Choux au craquelin is a light crispy French cream puff with filling of your choice. With “Days with Choux”, you can eat different choux au craquelin everyday with flavours that suit your mood. Every day, days with choux.

Kongaroo's new platform, Kongaroo Food and Days with Choux are collaborating for a Giveaway! 🤤🧁 To cheer up Roodies in Melbourne, we will be giving away 2 boxes of Choux Au Craquelin (each box contains six different flavoured puffs) 🖐. 

Let’s join Mel’s Roodies 🐨 ! The rules are very simple ~

◆ Follow 

  • Days with Choux's IG;

  • Kongaroo IG

  • Kongaroo Food IG 

◆ Like this post and mention 3 friends.

Complete these 2 simple tasks and you will be running for a chance to win a box of Days with Choux cream puffs ??! If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can also share this post and either mention us or send the screencap to us (for private accounts). Your chances of winning will be up immediately 🏆 ! The winners will be announced on October 26th and winning Roodies will receive a confirmation message from Days with Choux within 3 days. 📲 Hurry up and mention your friends to join together! 🤪

Special thanks to “Days with Choux” for collaborating with us and making this happen.


Days with Choux 喺墨爾本開業咗3個月啦,佢哋主要係賣唔同口味嘅Choux au craquelin!究竟咩係Choux au craqueline?🤤 佢係一個來自法國嘅甜品,呢個泡芙入面放滿cream,外層口感鬆脆,而且仲有好多口味可以畀你自由選擇👍!想食到好味嘅法國泡芙?你絕對唔可以錯過Days with Choux😋🍽。

Kongaroo 全新系列 - Kongaroo Food 聯同 Days with Choux 推出 Giveaway 活動啊!🤤🧁 為咗幫墨爾本嘅Roodies打打氣,所以我哋準備咗呢個 Giveaway 畀大家🖐!今次將會送出 2盒 Choux Au Craquelin (一盒六個) 畀我哋喺Mel嘅Roodies 🐨,遊戲玩法非常簡單~

Like 我哋 Kongaroo FB, Kongaroo Food IG 同 Days with Choux's FB; 

然後 Like呢個post 同tag 3個朋友

做齊以上2項簡單任務,就有機會贏到一盒Days with Chouxcookie cream puffs😋!如果想增加中獎機會,你可以share埋呢個post係story到,再screencap send畀我哋,獲獎機會立即up🏆!得獎名單會喺10月26號公布,中獎嘅Roodies會喺3日內收到 Days with Choux 嘅確認信息📲 快啲叫埋朋友仔一齊join喇🤪!

✦ Kongaroo Food’s IG: @kongaroo_food

Kongaroo IG: @kongaroo_au

Days with Choux's IG: @dayswithchoux

Days with Choux's FB:


記得Follow/Share我哋 Facebook 同 Instagram!!!

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