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🛒🥑【超市優惠 Catalogue】今個星期買咩好? (Aug 31 - Sep 6) - Coles & Woolies篇

到每星期小編買餸推介嘅時候啦😎仲苦惱緊應該食咩,又唔知乜嘢先最值得買? 小編幫緊你幫緊你!想知今個星期嘅超市Catalogue 優惠有啲咩?📢🍎🍋🍒🥑🍞🥩🥗就快啲碌落去下面睇下啦👇👇! 小編pick嘅產品全部都會用藍色框圈住,方面大家查閱✔️!



Finish Quantum Ultimate Pro Dishwashing Tablets 46 Pack or 0% 48 Pack (半價) NOW: AU$20

Comfort Fragrance Fabric Conditioner 900mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 4.5

Biozet Attack Plus Laundry Liquid 2 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 12

Omo Laundry Liquid 2 Litre or Powder 2kg (半價) NOW: AU$12

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid 900mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 4.5

Finish Rinse Aid 500mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 5

Chux Non Scratch or Heavy Duty Scourer 3 Pack (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.65

Ajax Professional Bathroom or Kitchen Cleaner 500mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.9

Dettol Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes 120 Pack (半價) NOW: AU$ 5.5


Red Rock Deli Big Bag 290g or Smith’s Crinkle Cut or Doritos Big Bag 380g (半價) NOW: AU$ 3.75

Sunrice Medium Grain Rice 5kg (半價) NOW: AU$ 9.5

Magnum 4 Pack-6 Pack 350mL-468mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 5.25

Ritz Snackz Crackers 100g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1

Doritos Corn Chips 150g-170g (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.15

Mars Medium Bars 35g-56g, Lindt Lindor Bar 38g or Reese’s Chocolate Wafer 42g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1

Cadbury Europe Bar 40g-45g or Nestlé Medium Bars 35g-56g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1

Golden Circle Tetra Fruit Drink 1 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.35

McVitie’s Digestives Plain or Chocolate Biscuits 250g-400g (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.2

Hershey’s Tub 1 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 4.25

Bulla Creamy Classics Tub 2 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 4.5

Cadbury or Néstle Ice Cream Tub 1.2 Litre (半價) NOW: AU$ 5

Magnum 4 Pack-6 Pack 330mL-468mL (半價) NOW: AU$ 5.25



Peckish White Rice Crackers 100g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.25

Mars Sharepacks 144-216g (半價) NOW: AU$2.5

Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate 35-45g – From the Health Food Aisle (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.42

Haribo 140-150g (半價) NOW: AU$ 1.5

Kettle Flat Bread Crackers 150g (半價) NOW: AU$ 2.35


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