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[Melbourne Only] | Kongaroo 🦘 X Sweets On 🍭Giveaway

“Sweets On” was no doubt the ultimate go-to online dessert shop 🍰 during Melbourne Lockdown🔒, with products ranging from crispy yet chewy and colourful macarons to picnic 🧺 ready and instagram worthy afternoon tea set 🧁☕️ to satisfy your sweets cravings 😋. 

To celebrate Halloween 🎃 👻 and the end of the Lockdown🔓 for Roodies in Melbourne, Kongaroo's “new” platform, Kongaroo Food 🦘🤤 and Sweets On 🍭 are collaborating for a giveaway 🎁 of  3️⃣ Mango Yogurt Chiffon cakes 🍰. 

Sweets On’s Mango Yogurt Chiffon Cake 🥭🍰  has a good balance of sweet and sour flavours from fresh mangoes 🥭 and yogurt. The chiffon 🎂 base has diced dried mango which adds chewy texture and there is mango compote in the middle. The‼️ BEST‼️ part is that the whole 🎂cake is all made with FRESH mangoes 🥭🥭🥭 (no frozen mangoes) and the finishing touch comes with an aromatic fresh mint leaf🌿.

The cakes 🎂 are made by a qualified pastry chef👩🏻‍🍳🧑🏻‍🍳 at the licenced food premises from the city of Kingston 🏡 so, don’t worry about the quality and food safety Roodies 🐨. Join our giveaway 🎁 to have a taste of the talk of the town’s yummy 🤤🤤  cake!!!

The rules are very simple ~

Follow 📱

  • Sweets On's IG;

  • Kongaroo IG &

  • Kongaroo Food IG 

◆ Like our Kongaroo FB

◆ Like this post and mention 3️⃣ friends.

Complete these 2️⃣ simple tasks and you will be running for a chance to win a Mango Yogurt Chiffon 🥭🎂 Cake⁉️ You can also share this post and either mention us or send the screencap to us (for private 😎 accounts, to increase🔝 your chances of ✨ winning✨. Your chances of winning will be up immediately 🏆 ! The winners will be announced on 7th November and 🏆 winning Roodies will receive a confirmation ✔️message from Sweets On within 3️⃣ days. 📲 Hurry up 💨  and mention your friends to join together! 🤪🤩

💖 Special thanks to “Sweets On” for collaborating with us and making this happen. 💖

✦ Kongaroo’s IG: @kongaroo_au

✦ Kongaroo Food’s IG: @kongaroo_food

Sweets On's IG: @sweets__on

Sweets On's Kakao:

呢段時間墨爾本宵禁,位於Kingston 嘅 Sweets On 絕對係小編首選嘅甜品店😋 無論你想食脆卜卜定有口感既馬卡龍,抑或係打卡專用嘅野餐下午茶tea set 🍰🥂 ,梗有一樣滿足到你想食甜品嘅慾望!🤤 

為咗慶祝Halloween同墨爾本解封,Kongaroo, Kongaroo Food 同Sweets On 攜手合作推出giveaway 畀身處喺墨爾本既Roodies!今次將會送出3份招牌芒果乳酪戚風蛋糕🍰🥰!

Sweets On 嘅招牌芒果乳酪戚風蛋糕充滿新鮮芒果嘅甜味,少少嘅酸味仲岩岩好中和返整體嘅味道!😛 為咗增加口感,蛋糕入面仲加咗芒果乾🥭。最正嘅係成件cake都係用新鮮芒果整,絕對唔係用急凍芒果❌,仲有薄荷葉作為點綴!呢個蛋糕由專業甜品師傅主理,不論安全定品質都有保障☺️👍!想免費試到成件芒果乳酪蛋糕,各位喺Mel既Roodies就快啲參加啦🐨,遊戲玩法非常簡單~

◆ Follow 我哋 Kongaroo IG, Kongaroo Food IG 同 Sweets On’s IG; 

◆ Like我哋 Kongaroo FB

◆ 然後 Like呢個post 同tag 3個朋友

做齊以上2項簡單任務,就有機會贏到一件芒果乳酪戚風蛋糕🥭🍰!如果想增加中獎機會,你可以share埋呢個post係story到,再screencap send畀我哋,獲獎機會立即up🏆!得獎名單會喺11月7號公布,中獎嘅Roodies會喺3日內收到Sweets On嘅確認信息📲 快啲叫埋朋友仔一齊join啦🤪!

💖最後感謝Sweets On今次嘅Giveaway合作💖

✦ Kongaroo’s IG: @kongaroo_au

✦ Kongaroo Food’s IG: @kongaroo_food

Sweets On's IG: @sweets__on

Sweets On's Kakao:

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